Sunday, February 6, 2011

My results and a new list

I'm happy to say I stay focused this past week and reached several of my goals. For some reason I had in my head to was to exercise four times this week instead of three. I walked two mornings and rode the stationary bike two mornings. I really prefer to walk but the weather was so cold I ended up on the bike. I also did pretty good on my water intake, I do much better with this during the work week instead of the weekends. I completed all my work issues and my insurance issues folder is completely empty, seriously that was quite an accomplishment. I think it has really helped me to actually put on paper what I want to accomplish in the coming week. I didn't do any scrap booking or reading but that's OK. I'm going to keep the exercise and water on my list every week.

So my goals for this week are:

- Try really hard to eat only fresh food and not much processed food - okay I know I'll eat some but try to keep it much lower than the fresh fruits and veggies I plan on eating.

- Clean the blinds in the house - I have 17 and a couple of them are double. My goal is to clean at least 5 blinds (2 double).

- After I clean the blinds I plan on reading so maybe I can complete my reading list from last week.

I think that's enough for this week, the diet portion will be hard enough.

Jazz will be getting her teeth cleaned on Friday, I took her in last week so the doctor could see what kind of shape they were in and I couldn't believe he said they really weren't that bad. She is 11 years old and has never had her teeth cleaned. I know I feel so bad, her breath has gotten so bad we had to break down and do something about it. The doctor said she shouldn't have to have any extracted.


Sandy said...

It sounds like Jazzy's teeth have done well over the years. I am loving the lean crusine (sp?) spring roll thingys that new. Oh my....I eat the whole box instead of making it two servings.

Anonymous said...

So I gotta ask just hold "cold" is it in Florida? Here in the Midwest the high today was like 10. Above zero.

Pam said...

fingers crossed there are no extractions for Jazz!