Friday, February 11, 2011

A lot going on today

We had several big things going on today. First was Jazz going to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. I dropped her off bright and early this morning as I went to my car tears were in my eyes, I've been worried about doing this all week. I was so relieved to hear from the doctor around 11:00 that everything went fine and she didn't have to have any teeth extracted and for the most part her teeth are all fine. She will just have to get use to me brushing them, the doctor said I really only need to brush the outside of the teeth and I don't have to force her mouth open. Hopefully she will cooperate! Anyway after I picked her up she was a little groggy and I got her settled at home, she seems to be doing fine now, just a little clingy, and every now and then she will let out a little cry.
(Sorry this is kind of long) The next thing was getting my new dryer to match the washing machine we got a few months ago. Back in September the washer just stopped working so we went to Lowe's and decided to get a front loader. I had been wanting one for a while and of course the pedestals that go under. Well since nothing was wrong with the dryer and this was sudden we decided to just get the washer. The day after Thanksgiving husband was shopping on line and came across the pedestals for the washer and dryer for $99 each, what a bargain the regular price is almost $300 each so he went ahead and got them. We were told when they delivered the washer that when we did get the dryer and pedestals they would put them on no problem. So getting back to this morning when the guys get here with the dryer they looked at use like we were crazy to have to move the washer and put it on the pedestal. My husband said we were told it could be done and if that's not the case you can take the dryer back. The guy complained but started doing. He did the dryer first no problem since it was new. When he started with the washer the drum slipped which means can't be fixed. Really, are you kidding me? The guy said that's why he didn't like doing it, obviously he knows what he's talking about. So he takes our washer goes back to Lowe's and gets a new one (same kind of course) and comes back and finishes the job. Now finally the finished product. I've been watching all afternoon, I must be the only person that does this. I originally had wanted to get a color and the lady at Lowe's actually talked me out it. She said what if something happens to one of them and they have discontinued the color then you will have two different colors. They will always have white. I'm glad I listened even though I had only had a few months I might have had to wait for whatever color I had chosen. Anyway I love them.
The other big thing was getting 11 pine trees cut down in our backyard. My husband was so excited and the backyard looks so different. I took before pictures but need to take after ones so I'll post those tomorrow.


kristie said...

wow that was a lot going on! glad jazz is okay and back from the 'dentist'...i want to see the yard pictures. i cannot imagine getting that many trees cut down at one time! my neighbors one measly tree about put me over the edge today!

Sandy said...

Those machines are so nice! I had a snarky little conversation with the appliance repair people this afternoon! I might just post a rant about it later. Glad Jazzy is okay. She's going to wonder what in the world you are doing brushing her teeth! I bet your yard smells so good from the fresh pine smell.

Becky said...

Glad Jazz did well with her teeth cleaning. 11 trees, you must have a big back yard. You are doing well with your new eating habits, especially the water. I really like water, but a lot of people dont. I like it ice cold or room temp. I'm guilty about not brushing my dogs teeth too. Let us know how it goes with Jazz and the toothbrush.