Saturday, February 12, 2011

No more trees!

Yesterday we had 11 pine trees cut down. Husband really hated them and we both would have really hated them had they fell on the house. Look at the guy in the tree, this is when they first started. He was really high and he only had the spikes on his shoes to get up there. Crazy job!
This is before the trees came down. Some of those on the far right are our neighbors.
The other side of the house before they came down. This side has the most drastic difference.

There gone.
They are definitely gone!
Husband and Shane worked in the back today. The back of our yard hasn't been cleared and we don't want to completely clear it but the pine trees had to go.
Jazz is back to normal, she slept soundly last night, and is eating good. I'm dying to see what her teeth look like but I'm sure she is still a little sore so I'll wait a few more days.


Sandy said...

Those were tall trees!

Pam said...

We had really tall pine trees similar to that where we lived in SE Georgia. I hated raking up all those blasted pine needles. Of course, everyone back home wanted them for mulch.
Once a hurricane came through and limbs fell all over the place. We were fortunate none hit the house. My neighbor was hauling limbs out of her pool for a week.

kristie said...

how could you watch that guy way up in the tree? i would have had a heart attack just looking at him up there! those trees were so tall and spindly!