Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly to do list

I'm trying to get motivated so I thought I'd start a weekly to do lsit - let's see how long I can keep it up! Actually I got the idea from Girlville, she is following up on herself at the end of the week. Maybe if I post it before I'll be more likely to accomplish it. So here goes.

- I've got to start exercising, I really enjoyed walking with my neighbor but she stopped walking and soon after so did I. My goal this week is to walk at least 3 times. We have had great weather the past few days so no more excuses! This is really the most important thing on my list this week.

- I have to tackle a couple things at work I've been putting off so I'm going to title this insurance stuff.

- Drink at least 3 bottles of water everyday.

- Finish reading the two books on my Kindle so I can move on to something else.

- Complete at least one page of my current scrapbook.

- I can already mark this one off my list, I needed to clean the house and I did that today.

I think that's enough for my first week. I also hope this will encourage me to blog more. I always feel like I need to post pictures when I blog and so many times I don't have any pictures. Wish me luck.


Sandy said...

Those are so very good goals for the week. I always feel like I need to post a picture, too. But I need to get out of that feeling and just put what I'm feeling or doing just to have a diary of it later.

Pam said...

I need to start making weekly lists too. I have a few projects sitting around that need to be completed and I keep putting them off. Sounds like you have a pretty good list. I need to drink more water myself. I did okay a couple days last week but fell off the wagon. Have a great week!

kristie said...

i have recently gotten over the 'have to post a picture' thing. i think i'd rather post without one than not post at all! glad i got you motivated! great goals, i hope you reach all of them. funny, now that i think about it, my 'exercising' (the stair thing at work) is the ONLY thing i was 100% faithful to in the month of january.

Pam said...

To answer your question about what was in the vase. They are little plastic red hearts that I found at the Target Dollar Bin. I bought two boxes of them. I usually fill it with candy but I usually end up eating it.