Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My partylite/craft/household papers/seasonal clothes closet

I don't know if anyone else is like me but I love containers, I know so weird. I actually love going to office depot. They had these containers on sale last week - two for one. I've already filled one up with cards and note cards, not sure what I'll use the other one for but I'll find something and I love the colors.
This is my extra closet that I organized, I wish I had some shelves built in - maybe when I figure out exactly what I want I'll have husband build me some. I'm luck to have such a big extra closet.
Some crafting supplies and household paperwork.
Photo albums and more crafting stuff.
A little cabinet I got a few weeks ago to put my overflow Partylite products, I wish you could smell it cause it smells so good with all the different fragrances.
The bottom, the cabinet with the doors closed, knitting bag, and I got the see through plastic drawer thing to keep extra sweat pants and tank tops in. I think I'll eventually use this for crafting storage.
Well that's it, any ideas to improve it would be appreciated. I really think I'd like to design more of a storage system to utilize the space better.
Thanks for the chapped lip suggestions. I've actually been using the Vaseline consistently, using more at night before bed and they have improved greatly.


Sandy said...

It's so neat and organized! I love it.

Pam said...

Looks great! I need a better shelving solution for a couple of my closets. For our walk-in, I purchased some of those stackable cubes at Target and that's where I store my folded sweaters. It works pretty well.

Pam said...

Oh and I don't know if anyone suggested Soft Lips for your chapped lips bit I live by that stuff during the winter. I put it on at night and then teh afternoon after lunch. It feels nice and I love the vanilla scent.

kristie said...

your closet is so neat! i cannot imagine anything you could do to make it any more organized. i really like the cabinet with the candles.

Random Musings said...

I love the organization!!

Vaseline is the WORST thing you could ever put on your lips.

Please email me your address and I'll mail you something to get your lips all straightened out!

Random Musings said...

ps I almost can smell all those candles!