Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our new kitchen

We finally took the plunge and updated our kitchen with countertops, backsplash and appliances. At first we were going to do it ourselves then we came to our senses! We chose travertine tiles for the backsplash and quartz countertops. At first I was afraid to put anything on the countertops but I've gotten use to it now and love it so much. We went with stainless appliances because we had replaced our refrigerator about a year and half ago with a stainless one. I love my double oven as well, the smaller oven is used the most. We kept the cabinets the same, I'm not a big fan of oak cabinets but they are solid wood and I knew the countertop and backsplash would change the looks of them and of course cabinets are a big expense.

So the before pictures, the new appliances were in when I took the pics so just imagine white appliances trust me the stainless looks much better.

And the new kitchen.
We extended the island a few inches, I didn't think it would make that much difference but it did.

love the oven

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Sandy said...

It looks great. You did a great job on that redo.