Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas, of course the best part was being able to spend time with my family all in one place. My office usually closes for two weeks during the holidays which is wonderful, Billy took off almost the same amount time off as well. For some reason during Christmas I think I turn into Betty Crocker!! It really is the only time of year I bake like a mad women and really enjoy it.
I was thrilled my parents were able to come down only for the day but I'll take it. Cole's off days are Tuesday and Wednesday so thankfully Christmas fell on Wednesday and Cole was able to come home. Since this was his first Christmas at his job he knew he wouldn't get any extra time off so it was a quick trip but so thankful he was able to make it. He left right after work Monday afternoon and got here around midnight. My parents came down Tuesday morning (Christmas Eve) and spent the day with us. Billy had made a big pot of chili - my dad could eat his chili every day. We had such a good day visiting with each other. My mom and dad opening presents.

Our mantle, I changed it up a bit this year.

Christmas morning
 The past few years Cole and Shane have gotten each other the same movie without the other knowing, too funny.

We have a ton more pics just not on my camera! For Christmas Day Billy's parents came over for lunch. Cole left early afternoon going back to Tampa. It all went so fast but I cherish all the times we spend together.

The rest of our vacation went good we didn't go anywhere just hung around the house. Billy did a few projects I cleaned out some closets but it was nice to have relaxing time.

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Sandy said...

Your mantel looks great! Love seeing your parents and the boys. I wonder how they pull that off with the videos??