Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Summer Vacation

This year (well last year) we decided to stay in town and rent a condo on the beach for our vacation. Some friends of ours (we were stationed together in Vegas) decided to join us at the beach, we had such a good time. We rented the condo the end of August when the rates dropped a little bit - and the kids were back in school and the tourist were back home. Billy loves to fish so he was in heaven early in the mornings, one of my favorite times was sitting on the balcony drinking coffee (and watching Billy running back and forth with his fishing poles). It was so peaceful watching the sun come up each day and watching it set each night. I always think I would love to live on the beach, in reality I wouldn't really want to deal with the sand and dampness of the beach and of course the hurricanes. We were on the 15th floor so the views were beautiful, we had sound and gulf views. My favorite past time is sitting on the beach reading and I was able to do plenty of that. This was our view looking out on the gulf.
 A shot of the condo, loved this place.
 from the balcony
the sound view
 the sunrise when Billy went deep sea fishing
 his catch
I would love to stay at the beach again this year. The best part 30 minutes from home.

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Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures. It's so nice to stay at the beach when you live near the beach. You just get to be on "vacation." I'd love to eat some of that red snapper. Yummy. My favorite.