Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shane Graduates!

Random pictures of Shane's graduation (you can't move photos around as easily as you use to could so I gave up). Shane graduated last week so proud of my baby that's not my baby anymore! The cake, his first grade picture and of course his senior picture - so cute.
Accepting his diploma. The family with the exception of Cole who was enroute to the graduation. Husbands mom and dad on the left, my mom next to Shane and my dad on the far right, sister in next to my dad. My brother and his family weren't able to make it because the graduation was on Tuesday night.

Shane at graduation.

Proud parents.

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Sandy said...

Congrats to Shane on his graduation. He is so polite and handsome. I'm sure the best it yet to come. Thanks for inviting me to the party. It was real nice to visit with everyone and the food was so good.