Monday, May 30, 2011

Catching up again....

Seems like I'm always catching up on blogging, everything is pretty calm and nothing really going on equals nothing to blog about!

My parents are settled into their new home and are really enjoying it. Now I know I get my organizational skills from my mom. They were completely moved in, I'm taking everything unboxed, even stuff put in the attic in about one week and one or two days! My mom is 70 and my dad is 75!

We are on the count down to Shane's graduation, 7 more days. He finished school last week so he just has to wait another week to get his diploma. He is going to stay home and go to a local college this fall, I'm so glad he's staying home!

I can't remember if said anything about my back in previous posts but I have three bulging discs, one is pressing on a nerve which makes my arms feel like they are asleep most of the time. I started physical therapy and have been twice, the first time I was put in traction, not fun and very painful for several days afterward. When I went this past week I said I would pass on the traction. The therapist gave me exercises to do at home which I've been doing unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The doctor said if this doesn't work he would send me to pain management for steroid injections (my husband gets these injections in his lower back). I really hope the exercises work, not thrilled about having injections in my neck!!

I haven't been reading as much lately, would love some recommendations. I like easy reads, nothing too deep where I have to really think!!

This is a pic of me and my "boys" at my nephews graduation a couple of weeks ago.

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kristie said...

i need for your mom to come up here and organize my house, lol! love your hair!