Monday, May 2, 2011

My family home

I went home this past weekend to tell our family home good-bye. My parents have lived in this house for 47 years - my whole life! They decided to sell a couple of months although I don't think either one thought it would sell or they would get what they were asking for it. My brother had built a patio home 4 years ago and hasn't been able to sell it so he started talking to my parents about maybe buying it from him. The house is 5 minutes (literally I timed it the other night) from my brother and is in a really nice new area. After three weeks on the market they had two offers, hard to believe in this housing market. The house has been updated, kitchen and bathrooms in the past couple of years and they have always taken such good care of it. Anyway I'm getting off track. The point is the house sold and they are moving and the weekend was so emotional I can't believe it. Mom had a yard sale on Saturday and she asked if I could come help her and of course I did. I ended up with a trunk full of "memories" and both of grandmother's china. On Saturday afternoon as I was leaving to come back to my house I went into each room thinking about all the firsts that has happened during my life. I know it's just a house and the memories will always be inside me and even now as I type this I have a lump in my throat. I can't believe how much that house has meant to all of us through the years. I'm sure when my mom and dad close the door for good on Friday they will feel overwhelmed with emotions. My house.
One last picture of my room (they had already taken everything off the walls). I took my little rocking chair (you can barely see it in the picture behind me) home with me now it's in my "crafting" room. Hopefully one day I'll have a grand child who will enjoy it.


Sandy said...

That is so hard saying goodbye...and that having been your only home with your parents all your life is just amazing. Your room there does look pretty empty.

Sarah said...

I can't imagine. I am sure that was very difficult. I still call my parents home HOME. :( I am sure you have lots of great memories to take with you though!