Sunday, August 21, 2011

My summer...

I can't believe the "official summer" is almost over, it's really no where near over in Florida. Thought I'd catch up with what's been going on around here the past couple of months. No pictures today, I have to get them off my phone and I'm too lazy to do it today!

June - not too much went on after Shane graduated - that was enough excitement for one month.

July - We went on vacation to Key West during the 4th week - it was so hot and humid, I thought our weather was humid but they have us beat. We drove down (we will NEVER do that again) no idea what I was thinking, this vacation was my idea. Husband says he picking the next vacation! We had a good time once we got their. Going down we had great weather and no traffic, we stopped right before we hit the keys, total time 13 hours. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the Keys. I guess when you live in a place like we do with beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful water it's hard to compare to anywhere else. Although the reason we go on vacation it see something different. I would really compare the atmosphere to a small New Orleans, all the shops along Duval Street and the nightlife and the fact you walk everywhere. The sunsets were truly the most beautiful I've ever seen. We went on a snorkeling adventure on a party sailboat. We went out 7 miles and snorkeled for about an hour. I have never done anything like this, husband dives so he knew what to expect. I was really proud of myself because I can be somewhat of a chicken even though I love the water I can usually see the shore when I'm out in it. As we were swimming around I looked down and a shark was swimming right underneath me. I don't think I have ever swam so fast as I did and immediately got back on the boat. My husband coaxed me back into the water but I didn't really enjoy it as much knowing Mr. Shark was close by. On the way back the boat turned into a party boat with drinks flowing. All in all it was fun and I'm glad I did it. The next few days we went to the lighthouse which I loved and walked around. The water was beautiful the beaches not so much, too many rocks. We really liked the Cuban sandwiches, the bread was wonderful. I tried the chocolate dipped key lime pie, it was okay but I enjoyed the giant chocolate chip cookies the bakeries had, almost the size of a small pizza. The local pizza places where also very good. We decided to drive all the home in one day because the next day we were driving over to Biloxi to Poison and Motley Crue - drive to Biloxi is 1.5 hours. The drive home was not as fun, lots of traffic and tons of rain and wrecks on the interstate, it took about 15 hours to get home. We were so tired and so ready for our own bed that night.

Three weeks later we went to a friends military retirement in Augusta, GA (7 hours). It was a lot of fun seeing our friends. On the way we stopped in Atlanta to stock up at Trader Joe's. I didn't realize how big Augusta was, lots of good shopping. When we lived in Boston I would go to The Christmas Tree Shop and I was so excited to find one in Augusta. On the way home we stopped again at Trader Joe's just to be sure we got everything. You should have seen our car - we were loaded down but it was a lot of fun.

August - We went over to New Orleans last weekend to watch a Saints game. This is the first professional game other than the Pro Bowl I've ever been to. We had great seats almost on the field, next time I'm sure we will be in the nosebleed section with the price of tickets. Shane also went with us this trip, he had never been to N.O. so he enjoyed taking lots of pictures of everything. On the way home we stopped by an outlet mall, I'm so glad my husband likes to shop as much as I do.

I guess we've had a busy summer and we had a lot fun. Tomorrow Shane starts college. He also has gotten a part time job, he started last week and is getting use to working - now he knows how we feel.

I think I've found a crafting hobby I can do and actually enjoy working on. I've been making cards, they are still very simple but I've been checking out websites for ideas and have been using scrap booking material I already had. I did buy a few stamps at hobby lobby the other day, I'm trying not to spend too much because I know how I am with hobbies. I'll post some pictures of what I've done so far, again too lazy to do it today!


Sandy said...

I like reading that summary of your summer. I have some stamps for you!

pam said...

Wow, that was quite a drive down to the Keys. Yeah, I wouldn't have been too happy about that either. We drove from Ft. Lauderdale down once and that was enough. But, I just love it there. We stayed in a little Inn last time we went and I am dying to go back. It was just nice to sit on the porch, drink wine, and watch people go by.

D said...

Sounds like you had a really great summer!