Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear cold, sinus, allergies, stuffy nose, scratching throat, or whatever you are: I've really had enough with all this sneezing, watery eyes, headache, and most of all the stuffy nose. I think 5 days is enough and you really should find somewhere else to live other than my head!

Other than that the week is going good, at least tomorrow is my Friday. I'm hoping to make it to Zumba tomorrow night and hoping I feel much better so I can enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Sandy said...

Oh...I can't wait to hear about the zumba. I had that junk last week..the allergy stuff. My eyes were swollen for a few days and I could hardly open one of them...and the sneezing and just yuck. I bet you'll be better in a couple more days.

Pam said...

I just wanted to say "amen" to this post. ugh. I have this head and chest crud and it's left me pretty loopy.

Hope you are enjoying Zumba. I love it! I'm ready to get better so I can get back to class.