Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random stuff

Not much going on, my boss went on vacation today for the rest of this week and all of next week. I love it when the office is closed. I go in for a few hours just to get hours. I get to wear shorts and flip flops because no one will see me. I really am lucky to have my job, I enjoy it and my boss is good to me so I feel very fortunate.

I'm super excited for this afternoon, I'm having a cleaning lady come over twice a month. I can't even imagine not having to clean up this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she does at least most things like I do. She is really sweet too which of course helps. Since this will be her first time she wanted me to be at home I guess if she has any questions. I think it's going to be very strange sitting in my house while someone else is cleaning it. I've had some help in the past but it's been a very long time ago.

Shane is getting back into the school routine, he has never really liked school but I hope he enjoys his senior year. When I look back on my senior year I had some really good times.

I'm looking forward to going to the beach tomorrow, husband is off and the weather is suppose to be nice - fingers crossed.


Sandy said...

I'm sure your boss appreciates you, too. It's nice to like your job. It's so hot...I don't know how you stand being out at the beach for very long. I guess getting in the water helps!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my cleaning lady. She's been cleaning my house twice a month for a year. It's wonderful!