Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frustration, golf, and new hours!

I'll start with the negative, as you all know husband was medically retired which automatically put him through the VA process. He submitted all his doctor notes and has been examined by all the docs around here. They then wrote additional notes and sent them to the main office for this region. We have been waiting on what they call a certification and compensation appointment for 9 months! The government is beyond ridiculous when it comes to stuff like this. Anyway this appointment will determine what percentage of disability if any he will get which will include various other benefits, the main one including benefits when buying a house which could save us $10,000. Just when we thought we were going to get situated we are still playing the waiting game, I'm trying to be positive that any day (very soon) we will receive the appointment.

OK on to the positive, husband, Shane and I played golf today - actually they played and I drove the cart. I do have a set of clubs but they are in storage and I haven't played in about 10 years. Not that I really played then but I think I will give it another try when we move. A couple of action shots of Shane.
He's getting frustrated.
Husband taking a swing - he's a lefty that's why it's from behind.So, my boss had asked me last week about working full time, I told them I really only wanted to work part time but would work a couple of days all day. They still haven't hired anyone for the late afternoon shift and his wife is really getting tired of coming in every afternoon. So today they asked if I would work Monday, Wed, and Thursday all day I think I'll like this schedule better since I'll have two off days during the week. This will be nice if I have to go to Tampa for the weekend.


Sandy said...

I hope you hear something soon on that disability matter. Sure is a lot of hurry up and wait with paperwork in the military. The husband here is lefthanded at golf, too. I think you would be good at golf. Looks like your boss wants you to work every day, all day if you would!

Pam said...

Waiting on the government can be such as pain. I hope you hear something soon!

Anonymous said...

You lead a charmed life. Wish I could go to the beach on weekday!

AM said...

Shane is sure growing up!

The Military/government frustrating? I dont believe it... ;)

♥B said...

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♥B said...

I have gone private with my blog. Email me at bhappygirl@gmail.com so I can add you to the reading list.