Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weekend review

Friday didn't do too much, after work me and the girls played rummy which I hadn't played in years. We had such a good time after I remembered/figured out how to play. Friday night me and Shane just hung around the house.

Saturday I make the mistake of going here, I really don't know what I was thinking when we went school shopping. It was a madhouse! We got a couple of things for all of us. Shane really hates to shop so it's like pulling teeth just to get him to go and with the crowds he really wanted to go home (I felt the same way though). After we left the outlet mall we went by k*hls and picked up a few things for him.
While I was out watered the plants the girls and I decided to pick up our game of rummy which we didn't finish on Friday. That was a lot of fun because every body's kids were asleep and we played on my friends front porch and she had wine and candles lit. We will definitely being doing that again, very relaxing. In case your wondering I lost. Of course now there will be a next time so I'm going to practice with husband.
Shane's shirts and shorts - he really loves the plaid.
a few things for me and husband
Sunday again was very cool and I just ran some errands - grocery shopping and sat outside on the porch all afternoon. It was a little cool but very enjoyable outside.


AM said...

I bet you are having much better weather than we are! It's going to be 100 again today. AHHH.

Pam said...

The only person I've ever played rummy with is a cousin of mine and she has to remind me how to play every time.
Despite the crowds, it looks like you were successful. Oh, and send some of that cooler weather to TN please.

rpm said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I don't care to shop a lot but definitely not in the crowds. send that cool air on down here.

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

Is is cool here isn;t it? unusual for this time of year...It looks like it is gong to b e in the 90*s for us this weekend...Thank god I am just not ready to face Fall quite yet!
We did the school shopping thing too...$$$Chachingg$$$ I am glad to see you bought you and your Husband something too...