Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blah blah blah

Not much to blog about this week. I've been going to the pond after work and really enjoying just laying out in the sun (I know it's bad for you but I just can't help it). I love listening to other peoples conversations, I found out so much stuff to do around the beach that we always go to from this lady talking yesterday. Thank goodness no kids have been throwing sand on me lately.

Husband is making one of Paula Dean's recipes tonight, I can't remember the name but it consist of chicken breast flattened with cheese and ham rolled in it. He made a trial run this morning to take for his lunch (he gets up really early) it smelled so good it woke me up so I can't wait to taste it tonight. Of course I'll post a picture with the recipe tomorrow.


girlville said...

you know, i think i'm having the summer doldrums as i can barely come up with stuff to blog about every day! your husband can pack my lunch anyday if that's a typical lunch for him ;-)

Pam said...

Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) how the chicken turns out. You know, sometimes I just enjoy planting myself somewhere and people watch. It can be quite entertaining.

rpm said...

I saw a picture of the chicken on the photoblog and it looks so yummy! It is fun to eavesdrop sometimes. I wonder how many more warms days you all will have for summer?