Monday, July 30, 2007

The weekend

I had a really nice relaxing weekend. Friday after work I went to the pond all by myself and really enjoyed it. The weather was great but the kid sitting next to me throwing sand at me was not fun. The mother told the kid to stop about a thousand times when I finally asked the boy to please stop throwing sand on me he finally stopped. Other than that it was great, the water actually felt good. After I got home I went and got pizza for dinner and washed some clothes.

Saturday was a complete wash out, it rained all day long. I got up and cleaned the house, then since it was nothing else to do I went shopping! I found some good deals at old*navy and *gap. I got husband some shorts for $14 and I got four tops for $14.
Sunday was a beautiful day so I went to the beach again all by myself. Husband went on a long motorcycle ride on Saturday and got poured on most of the day so he really wanted to hang out at home and Shane wanted to hang out with his friends. The water was so nice I actually got in all the way and my body wasn't numb! I think the water temp is about 70 degrees now. We really have only one more month of good beach weather so I gotta enjoy it while I can.


rpm said...

Sounds like a nice weekend for you. I wish that I had fangs that would grow when I needed to scare a bad kid...I would flash a scary smile at them and maybe they would run far away!

Pam said...

How nice to be near the beach! I bet it was wonderful to sit out there and relax.

AM said...

I love Old Navy! Sometimes you can find really great deals!

girlville said...

you really got some deals at 2 of my favorite stores. how nice that you are so close to the beach! but boo for that kid throwing sand. i'm with sandy - i need some fangs to scare the wits outta them when they are being bad!