Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tip Thursday

This tip is from my MIL, when I was at her house during my vacation I reheated my seafood nachos in her oven, she absolutely hates to smell fish! In order to get rid of horrible smells in your house even fish she puts cinnamon and cloves in aluminum foil, wraps it up and bakes at 500 degrees for about 15 minutes and the smell is completed gone. She also said you can cut up a lemon or apple and boil it for about 15 min and it does the same thing. I had never of heard of any of these.

I'll post husbands chicken dish with pictures and the recipe later today.


rpm said... I know where you got those seafood nachoes:) Thanks for that tip. When I cook salmon it smells the whole house up and makes me sick of it! I will try that for sure.

girlville said...

get out! i cannot stand the smell of anything seafood related. i am for sure going to try this. thanks to your MIL.

Pam said...

I hate seafood smelling things too! Will definitely try that!