Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Finally a new tooth!

I'm finally getting my new tooth today. OK let's go back a couple of months, while I was on vacation in August I broke a crown thankfully in the back of my mouth. The crown didn't actually brake but the tooth underneath did. When I went to the dentist and after x-rays he told me I had broken the root and the best option was for a tooth implant. I'm thinking how much is all this going to cost and let me tell you A LOT! Our insurance pays for some of it but still it's expensive. Anyway they put the implant in back in October and it really wasn't that painful, my face was a little swollen and mouth a little sore for a few days. The implant has to heal for about 4 months before the crown process can start. Finally today is the day for the crown YEAH. I'm just glad it was a lower back tooth so you couldn't tell I've been missing a tooth all this time. I know too much information but I wanted to share.


rpm said...

Ouch! I wondered about the tooth implants...good to hear it wasn't as painful as it could have been. I've seen ads in a magazine where if you are wearing dentures, you can go to the place like a retreat and have your mouth done with implants and then all your teeth would be implanted instead of wearing a denture and you stayed at this little cabin retreat while you healed!!! I think it was for the extra rich...I can't imagine what all of that cost.

Will it ever break or have to done again ... you know, like crowns do?

Anonymous said...

oh good luck with that. i can't stand anything to do with my teeth/mouth at all, i DETEST WITH THE GREATEST HATRED dentists, so until i get either a dental plan or money, i'll not go, cause they frickin' suck. so i wish you very little pain & little discomfort.

Magnolia Sun said...

It's not suppose to break, where the root was is a metal post. I guess the crown could break but hopefully not. I can't imagine having that done to all my teeth - you would have to be rich!

Justin said...

Its ok buddy. Its nice to share your ideas n experiences with others.Its nice that you finally are with your teeth.

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