Friday, January 19, 2007

Little bit of snow!

This is all the snow we got last night, actually it was more last night and it's already starting to melt. You can see one of my pitiful shrubs that is trying to die. Hopefully it will come back to life in the spring.


rpm said...

That's not much snow for your area...I remember the pictures you sent last year of the snow and it was a lot. Maybe you'll get more before the winter is over. It's chilly here today.

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed that's all the snow you see, i'm hoping the same for here in southern ontario. its rare for us, but we've gotten nadda really :) still dang cold, but i can handle that! hopefully your plants come back in the spring ;)

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

we got snow too...a little more than you...a few inches...and it is still snowing. last year we had more snow than we know what to do with....we haven't even gotten our skiis out yet...I don't think we will be at this point....a little dusting is nic to see...I rather go witha dusting than a pile!