Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We had another quiet weekend but it was nice. We just ran errands on Saturday, trying to get everything done because we were suppose to have a big storm on Sunday and Monday. Thank goodness it never happened in our area, but I'm so sorry for all those in the mid west that had a terrible time with power outages and damages to their homes. I don't understand how people survive with no power when the temps drop so low?

We also watched the football playoffs, all very exciting games. I'm pulling for the Colts (since Dallas didn't make playoffs) and hopefully they will make it to the Super Bowl.

Last night I went to my monthly bunco (dice game), does anyone play bunco? It really is a lot of fun, we have a good group of neighbors that play. That about does it for my weekend and holiday.


rpm said...

I want to be a fill-in person for bunco, but I don't know anyone near me that has a game going. It sounds like fun. Do you all win prizes? Do you do snacks or dinner? I was watching This Old House this weekend and they went into that lighthouse in Boston Harbor. It was neat to see the lens and hear the history of if.

Magnolia Sun said...

We win money and the person who gets the last bunco gets a present (whoever host buys the gift). We (or I should say they) eat mostly snacks, I usually bring a dessert but stay away from the snack table.

I have yet to see the lighthouse in Boston Harbor! Closer than the other ones too.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun weekend :) i've never heard of bunco, but i'm sure its a fun game & reason to get out of the house & meet your neighbours & snack on great food :)