Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love it!

I finally saw Sandy this past weekend and she gave me this pin cushion which she had ordered from Kristie and I love it. It's sitting on my grandmother's old sewing machine and that is my sewing machine in the background, maybe one day I'll actually learn to sew. I love all the colors and different patterns. Since I haven't been updating on the things I wanted to accomplish weekly I've been doing pretty good. My neighbor and I have started walking in the mornings again. For me getting it over with first thing in the morning works best. It's been tough getting up earlier but each day is getting better. It also helps to have a partner that you know is going to be waiting on you - good motivation to get out of the bed and of course I feel better during the day. We walk about 2 1/2 miles each day and I'm very proud of myself for getting back to it. I guess going to the beach the past few weekends gave me much needed motivation. We had a little scare this afternoon, when I pulled in the driveway the gate was standing wide open - not good. I ran to the back to see if Jasmine was outside and I didn't see her so I ran in the house to ask Shane if she was inside and he said no. About the same time husband was getting home so he took off one way I took off the other. She has wandered out of the yard before but hadn't gotten far before we realized it. I really started to panic when we couldn't find her. I talked with my neighbor and her daughter saw her at our park in the neighborhood but didn't know it was our dog. Shane started looking again and finally found her, one of our neighbors had taken her in their house. I was getting ready to go door to door at this point. No she didn't have her collar with my phone number on. From now on she will always have it on. I'm so thankful to our neighbors for picking her up and taking good care of her. I know she won't live forever but I just can't imagine not having her, she will be 12 this summer. Anyway a wonderful ending to the story.


Sandy said...

I do love that little pin cushion...so glad you like it. I think Girlville should put some up in her etsy store!
I'm so glad you got Jazzy back. It's good that someone took her in so that nothing bad would happen to her...but it's so scary when that happens. Having the tag on will help a lot if it happens again.

Pam said...

thank goodness you found her! one of our cats got out somehow several years ago and we searched all afternoon. Somehow we finally found him in a field right above our neighborhood. I was sick with worry.

Very cute pin cushion!