Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't seem to fall asleep

I'm usually in bed around 9:30 and asleep soon afterwards but tonight I just can't seem to go to sleep. I got tired of laying in bed staring at the ceiling so I got up played around with my blog design, mainly listing the books I've read this year. Tomorrow I'm going to the ortho doctor to hopefully find out what's wrong with my elbows. I've had a nerve conduction test and MRI. The nerve test didn't show any nerve damage so he ordered an MRI. The doctor thinks it's my ulnar nerve even though the nerve test didn't show it. The ulnar nerve starts in your upper back and goes through your arms to your fingers. I just hope the MRI shows the reason for the pain and the doctor will have a cure for me! This has been going on for about a year. I had a couple different injections in each elbow without any relief. This is probably why I can't sleep tonight just anxious to hopefully find something out.

On a happier note I'm picking up Shane's graduation announcements, can't believe he will be graduating in about two months. I'm thrilled he wants to stay at home and go to one of our local colleges. Now if I can stop him from getting older. Have a happy Friday!

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