Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 times in one week

I can't believe I'm posting twice this week! We've had a gorgeous past few days and today I had planned on being out in the yard but when I went to the store to find something to plant I came home with nothing. I'm having the hardest time trying to decide what to do with my front porch and our flower bed. Right now we just have green plants, no color so of course I wanted flowers - how hard can it be? I just can't make up my mind, hopefully I can decide while it's still planting season.

Husband picked out two very nice ceiling fans for the Florida room and got those put up today. We had our pool table delivered this past week so the Florida room is turning into a game room. I'll take a picture once we have everything on the walls. I also need to learn to play pool so I can beat Shane. Husband is still debating the paint color for "his" room, I'll be so glad we he decides so we can get all his racing stuff out of boxes and on the walls.

I've been doing really good with my birthday present from my husband, a wii fit. I love this thing, does anyone else have one? I like using this better than a regular video or watching it on TV. I also can't believe how out of shape I am or how sore I was after the first day.


Pam said...

The Wii Fit is so cool! I'm ashamed to say though that's it has been some time since I've used it though. I love the ski jump and the downhill ski. It's amazing what a workout you can really get from that thing but your having fun at the same time. The yoga is pretty challenging I think, with trying to keep balance to get points.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Happy belated!!

And I want a WII Fit so bad!! I hear really good things about them!!

Emily said...

I am having the same problem with adding flowers and plants to my front porch.. I don't much about them and I need something I can put on there that doesn't require that much sun.

I want a Wii Fit. Maybe when I get done having babies.. ha ha!

Sandy said...

I think hydrangeas would be so pretty around your front porch. I don't know about growing them in pots, but in the flower beds they are great. Mexican Heather is so pretty, too, but they attract a lot of bees. Society garlic are pretty. We have a lot of hawthorn bushes that bloom in spring but not any other time, but they always look good. I think you should get some hibiscus for putting in pots and planting in the yard. I have had good and bad luck with them but they grow so pretty around this neighborhood. Oleanders are pretty and they get B-I-G.

You are going to make me have to go get a WII Fit and I have never owned a video game thingy in my life!