Monday, May 5, 2008

Answers part 2

AM asked how husband and I met (answered below) she also ask for a picture of me and Sandy from high school and what my interest were.
I think I posted this picture before but this is the only one I have (all photo albums are in storage) and waaaaay back then we just didn't take pictures as much as we do now in the digital age! I'm the second one from the left and Sandy is on the far right.
To answer the second part of the question about my interests - hmmm during our senior year Sandy and I were involved with a club, it was actually part of the ymca and not affiliated with the school but we did things with the school. Sounds kinda strange now. We hosted dances, me and another friend taught cheer leading to elementary age kids, we did fundraisers, went to the ballgames on Fridays nights and parties afterwards. It was a lot of fun to part of a big group like that. You had to be picked to be in the club which meant an initiation week, none of us that were chosen that year had any idea about it. The other girls called our parents the night before to let them know they would come get us before school but to not tell us so it would be a total surprise. Well my mom kept her little secret and that first morning I woke up with a room full of girls, they told me what to wear and I couldn't take a shower - that was the worst part for me. During some of my classes I would have to do certain things - like sing a song (I cannot sing at all). When I look back on that time I'm really surprised I wasn't embarrassed to do all my "tasks". At the end of the week we had a lock in at the "y" and a candle ceremony. Anyway I think I had a pretty good time in high school. Sorry I got kinda side track with that answer.

Sandy asked Are you still knitting?
No, since I’ve only learned to knit scarfs and considering how hot it will be very soon the mood has left me. I'm not giving up but just putting it down for now.

Was it ever really hot (to you) up in New England?
No, not compared to here with the humidity, you would really enjoy it.

What is your favorite restaurant here in P'cola?
I know you know this, Flounders, I think the main reason is because it was our annual outing, lots of good memories and good food.


rpm said...

Oh my goodness...I used to be thin!!! It's so bad that we don't have more pictures of us from back then. I'll have to dig out my pictures from that time and share. Remember how gross that lock-in was at the Y..they made us do yucky stuff, didn't they? We did have fun. I'll have to tell my tale of going to school and my task in front of the class "on demand." Today was so pretty outside! I'm afraid not many more "perfect days" before the humidity and heat take over for a long time.

Pam said...

Oh, I enjoyed hearing that story about you both in high school. I think it's just so great that you've both keep in touch and are still close after all this time.

I took a knitting class a couple months ago but haven't messed with it much. We should all bring our knitting stuff to the next bloggy meet-up whenever that might be.

AM said...

We had a club like that in HS. THe Key Club. They had a horrible initiation and that's what kept me from accepting. It involved growing your leg hairs out for a WHILE, and parading around downtown in a homemade bikini. No way.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That club sounds like it was a lot of fun! Do they still do that?

Mrs. L said...

Sounds like you had a fun time in high school. I was never in any clubs exactly at school or outside of school... I was way to shy!

Page said...

My initiation for Key Club was the same as what you had to do! Sometimes the level of humilitation was raised, like AM said, but was always totally worth it in the end when I got the watch others do stunts! We also had people show up in the morning and make you wear embarassing stuff around that day if you were accepted.

Guilty Secret said...

Heeee I love that photo :)

When are big, round collars like that going to come back?!

Punchbugpug said...

Very fun memories! That club sounds a bit like a sorority.