Thursday, April 3, 2008

This and that

First of all a little explanation of yesterday's photo - that is of course husband and he is holding his youngest cousin. The photo was taken last Friday at the family get together, this little girl was the sweetest thing and husband insisted on letting her eat as much cake as she could. It was fun watching husband with a baby again, he was crawling all over the floor with her - he will make a good grandpa one day (hopefully that will be a very long time).

Yesterday Shane and I went to visit Sandy and brought along the dogs to see how they would get along with her dogs. She will be watching our dogs when we go on our big trip (more to come on that), we've never had anyone watch our dogs except for my mom and brother just a few times. I was so excited when Sandy offered to watch them. They seemed to get along pretty good, Jazz basically ignored everyone while Nyla had to be in the middle of everything. This is Shane with all the girls, except Jazz she didn't want to have her picture taken yesterday.
Today we are headed off to the beach to spend time with my cousins visiting from Indiana, maybe husband and Shane will catch more fish.


Page said...

I'm glad all the animals got along! Love the pic!

rpm said...

Yea, I think Shane would trade with me so he could have the pugs sit on top of him and visit when he has time. I think they will be fine with us while y'all are on the trip. It will be nice to have a big dog for a few days to see how we like it. The husband really loves boxers so it will be nice for him to have Nyla around for a bit. I can't wait until Jazz settles down and I can get to know her!

AM said...

I love seeing them together. I really love boxers. I cant wait to see more pictures of all of them playing when they stay at Sandy's!

And I'm excited to hear about your Big Trip!

Pam said...

A big trip!? I'm anxious to hear all about it.

That is a great pic of Shane and the dogs.