Friday, November 16, 2007

Random things

Since I don’t have anything to blog about – don’t really have any weekend plans I thought I’d do the 7 random things that everyone was doing the other week.
1. I haven’t been able to tolerate perfume since Shane was born, I can’t even wear scented lotions except for cucumber melon.
2. I love to shop on line – maybe it’s because I get something in the mail.
3. I shave my legs every other day – always – even in the winter.
4. I don’t eat sour cream, mayo, any kind of white cream sauce, or salad dressing; I can’t even stand the smell of it. If I think it’s in a food I can’t eat it.
5. I can’t go to sleep without washing my face and taking my make-up off – no matter what time it is. Thanks mom – she made me do this when I first started wearing make-up.
6. I mark off the days on the calendar – I do this every day – I really don’t know why I think I have to do this.
7. When I was a senior in high school I wrecked my car – while leaving the school parking lot I hit a friend’s car. When I told him what happened he developed a “plan”. He told me to park my car in front of his and he called the cops and told them that a delivery truck must have hit our cars. I was so scared I didn’t say anything. Mom/dad did I ever tell you this?


AM said...

LOL! I cant believe your car story! But man, is your friend and quick thinker. Did that really work?

And good for you for shaving so often. I wish I did but its starting to get uncomfortable to bend over! but I HATE itchy legs at night because of the leg hair.

girlville said...

we have a lot in common! i don't like perfume either. you know how i feel about mayo (i'm gagging as i type) and i too cannot go to sleep without washing my face.

your 'accident' story is so funny - did it work?

Magnolia Sun said...

Yes it did work and I feel guilty for lying. My excuse is b/c I was so young!

rpm said...

I remember you and I went out to eat lunch at a French restaurant in P'Cola, Jamie's, and that's the first time I realized you would not eat a white sauce...cause that's all they use on their food (almost). Good thing nachos don't have a white sauce!

Pam said...

I have a problem with perfume too! Funny story about your car. I was telling my folks something I did in middle school here recently because, well now it's pretty funny but you would have thought it happened yesterday and I was still 12! lol!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

OH Man you got me on that last one! LOL That is a good story...

I Love Sourcream..I can eat it by the spoonfull.