Monday, October 22, 2007

Amazing weekend

What an amazing weekend. I never thought you could become friends with someone you've never met in person - boy was I wrong. We had our first bloggy meet up in NC this past weekend and what a blast! First of all I would like to thank AM for arranging everything and getting this idea to become reality, you did an awesome job of organizing everything. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but I'll be stealing pictures from everybody's sites to post on mine! I just wanted to tell everyone I really enjoyed the weekend and enjoyed meeting face to face and can't wait for next year. More to come later with pictures.


***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

I agree....Thank goodness for Blogging otherwise we would have never met! I will always remember this wonderful weekend and I can't wait until another one. So Fun! It is amazing to never have met but yet know so much about someone. Truly amazing!

Pam said...

It was so great to finally meet you!I don't think I ended up with very many pictures either but I'm excited to see how everyone captured the weekend.
You'll have to let me know how the new Hildreth book was!