Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday recap

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It would have truly been a perfect day if C were here and I could have spent it with my mom. C sent me the coffee mug in the picture, it is too funny because it has a picture of him on while he was kayaking. Husband and S gave me a new camera of my very own and it's pink! Husband also made me a CD (yes I still listen to them no iPod for me). He did a good job picking out the songs, I basically cried listening to the entire CD.
Later in the day we went to Home*Depot to get some pepper and tomato plants. The pepper plants did really well last year, this is the first for tomatoes.

S took this picture.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something will grow!


Military Mommy said...

Awww you've got one sweet man. I love making mixed cd's. I don't have an ipod either and really haven't wanted one yet. :)

Your camera is so cool. Very hip!

Glad your day was fun. Saying a little prayer for your plants.... Can't wait to see how big they've grown soon.


rpm said...

That's so nice of your husband to make a CD for you. What do you do with the peppers when you pick them? Tomatoes sound good to me! Did S use the new camera to take the pictures?

girlville said...

a pink camera!!! i saw one at target the other day and told my husband i wanted it. i hope your plants do great and you get a big harvest. is that a screened porch you have?????

Magnolia Sun said...

RPM - husband loves cooking with peppers, we got banana peppers and bell peppers. S did use my camera - just this once!

K - yes we have a screened in porch which we really love and it becomes an extension of the house during the summer.

Lola's *mom* said...

I still listen to CDs too. I don't know if I'd like to have a earbud in my ear!