Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Ragus Pug!

Everyone please go over to Ragus Pug and wish her a Happy Birthday! We have been friends for so long, thought y'all might want to know how it started. We actually went to kindergarten together (of course we don't really remember this). She switched schools for the rest of elementary and part of junior high school. She came back to my school I think in seventh or eighth grade but for some reason we weren't friends at first (a girl name Kim!) Anyway we both switched to the same high school and became friends. Our boyfriends at the time were really good friends so of course we became better friends. You wouldn't believe some of the adventures we've been on especially through high school and right afterwards. It's amazing to think how long we've been best friends, we haven't lived in the same town for twenty years but know each other is always there for the other. Don't mean to be so sappy but she is such a wonderful, caring person and I'm so proud to call her my friend!

This is a very old picture, I'm sitting the second to the left and she is the last one of the right.


girlville said...

thanks for telling us how y'all became friends! that's great that you are still so the picture - you both have such great hair! what i would give for hair like that...

rpm said...

Oh, that was so sweet! It is amazing what all we have been through over the years. And it's funny that we started out in kindergarten! I wish our memories were good enough to remember that time. I'm so glad to have you as my best friend and I wish you all could hurry up and get back this way so we can go sit on the beach in the lawn chairs and listen to the Eagle's music and play "remember when"!

Girlville...I wish my hair was still that thick! I've lost a bit over the years.