Monday, April 9, 2007


Husband got his 17 stitches out this morning, it didn’t look like he had that many. He goes back to work today although not sure how much he can do with one hand. I’m glad to have everybody back on their regular schedule (I work from 9-1 everyday) since husband has been off he’s thrown my afternoon schedule off! It’s not really that I do anything except for cleaning house, laundry and going to the grocery store which is hard to do when he’s home because we end up going places and my usual chores don’t get done. I love my husband but love him even more when he’s working!

Tonight’s bunco and I thought I’d make some no bake rum balls (very easy and I have all the stuff). Since I don’t drink rum I won’t be able to taste them though. My rum story goes back to when I turned 19 which at that time was the legal drinking age – need I say more!

We had a quiet Easter, I made a tiny basket for husband and S got his usual and this year mom got candy for C. Last year I spent more money on shipping his candy than what it actually cost – thanks mom. We went to Wilson Farms and picked up a few things, this is blueberry bread and it is very good.
We went to Target on Saturday and I got a really good deal on some pj's. They will definitely be for the summer because they are short boxers, I got two pair and a tank top for $6.00 can't beat that price.


girlville said...

wow, you got a DEAL at target!!

rpm said...

You make me laugh about the husband being at work or home...I feel the same way here. I have a story about rum balls! My aunt, who is deceased now, live in Atlanta, she drank too much, a lot, and she made rum balls and one time Suzy and I were visiting her house and we snuck into her freezer and got some rum balls out and they like to have lit us on fire! They were so very strong. I have always not liked them since then. We need a report on your bunco game and what they had to eat and the prizes.