Monday, April 2, 2007

A lot of nothing...

We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday was a do nothing day but it was nice. I just cleaned the house and we watched the race which wasn’t that exciting. I forgot to take pictures of the wonder pork chops husband cooked on the grill last night – delicious!

Saturday we did our usual trip to Wal-Mart where we buy our cokes for the month. I really need to take a picture of all the cases of diet cokes. We started doing this a couple of months ago and it’s really better than buying a couple of cases each week (I know we probably shouldn’t be drinking this much diet coke but it’s my only vice). Then we got our usual pizza for Saturday night.

We finally decided to try Omaha Steaks - they had a special that included steaks, chicken, hamburgers, stuffed potatoes and fish. We've been wanting to try some of their stuff for a while - I don't think we will be disappointed.

Also on Saturday (which was beautiful) S had baseball tryouts for the town league. He will have tryouts for the school team today. I really like the town league better; they have excellent coaches that seem to really care about the kids.

I had to change husbands dressing from his surgery thought you might like to see a picture (for those who didn’t it see on my photoblog).

Friday I highlighted my hair which I took pictures of for my photoblog. I was really surprised how easy it was of course husband had to help with the back and sides.


girlville said...

sounds like a nice weekend. just curious, what kind of hilight stuff did you use???

Magnolia Sun said...

I used Revlon frost and glow and it really worked good.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Omaha Steaks! I watch Regis and Kelly and they always give away a $500.00 gift cert. from that place. Is there one near you?
You must post the Coke cart!I bet you get a few rubber neckers watching you push the cart down the isles....LOL

rpm said...

Sounds like a nice weekend up there! How many cases of diet coke do y'all buy? We drink a lot of diet drinks here, too. Plus husband takes one 12-pack a week to work. Do you order the steaks and they come by mail or do you get them in a store? I see Kansas City steaks on QVC and have been tempted to order but we have no grill. Who lives in Florida without a grill?? We do. Your hair looks great!

Magnolia Sun said...

I just counted 18 cases!

Omaha Steaks opened a couple of months ago it's a really small store, you buy and take it with you and it's also very close to us. I remember seeing that on Regis and Kelly too.

rpm said...

Good Night... that's a lot of drinks.