Wednesday, February 21, 2007

100 things about me

100 random things about me, they are not in any kind of order.
1) I have two boys, ages 13 and 20 years.
2) I have been married for almost 16 years.
3) My husband makes me safe and protected.
4) My family is the most important thing to me.
5) I miss my mom, dad, and brother.
6) I have one brother, we are less than a year apart (he’s older).
7) My mother was the same age when she had us both!
8) I have two nephews and one niece.
9) I have two dogs, a silky terrier and boxer.
10) I lived in the same house growing up and my parents still live in that same house.
11) My parents have been married for almost 48 years.
12) I got my driver’s license the day I turned 16.
13) My first car was a stick shift and I’ve had two other cars that were stick shift.
14) After school the day I got my license I ran over a squirrel.
15) I have lived in one other country other than the US.
16) I have lived in five different states.
17) One year I moved 5 different times in the same city.
18) My biggest regret was not going to college (I know I can still go).
19) I love going to the beach.
20) It is so relaxing to me; I can sit on the beach for hours doing nothing.
21) My favorite food is pizza; I think I could eat it everyday if I wouldn’t gain any weight.
22) We eat the same pizza from the same place every Friday night.
23) My favorite drink is Diet Coke.
24) My favorite coffee is Kona Coffee, Vanilla Macadamia Nut.
25) I live in the coldest place I’ve ever lived.
26) Last year was the first time I’ve ever shoveled snow or driven in snow.
27) I was lucky to be able to live in Hawaii for five years.
28) I am very organized.
29) I have to delete things, email, files, pictures that I’ve downloaded.
30) I’m trying so hard to let my hair grow out.
31) One of my favorite TV shows is Desperate Housewives.
32) I watch a lot of reality shows.
33) I love to burn scented candles.
34) My best friend is Sandy, we went to kindergarten together then met back up in junior high school, but we didn’t become best friends until high school.
35) I don’t think she will learn anything from this list, we know each other pretty well.
36) We hope to one day live near each other so we can sit on the beach and talk about the “old days”, I hope that day is soon.
37) I worry about my kid’s non stop.
38) I miss my oldest son more than I thought possible.
39) I’m very proud of him for continuing his education.
40) I love to read.
41) I’ve had to use reading glasses for about 3 years.
42) My favorite author is Dorothea Benton Frank.
43) I’m glad I learned how to knit.
44) I love summer thunderstorms.
45) I’m not afraid to fly.
46) I like to make lists of things to do.
47) My favorite time of year is summer.
48) I learned to garden last year and really enjoy it.
49) I eat a banana almost every day.
50) I joined Weight Watchers last January and lost 25 pounds.
51) I had never weighed that much unless I was pregnant.
52) I’m proud of myself for keeping the weight off for almost a year.
53) I now enjoy exercising every morning.
54) I work 4 miles from my home.
55) This is the first time I’ve worked part-time since I was in high school, I really like working part-time.
56) I like being home when my youngest son gets home from school.
57) I wish I could have worked part-time when both my kids were younger.
58) I wash my face (take make-up off) every night before I go to bed.
59) I have done that since I started wearing makeup thanks to my mom.
60) I would love to have a makeover.
61) I haven’t been able to wear perfume since my youngest son was born.
62) I can’t even stand to smell it on other people.
63) The only scented lotion I can wear is cucumber melon.
64) My oldest son and I were in a commercial.
65) We lived in Hawaii and it was during an election year.
66) My youngest son was on the cover of a local magazine, again during election year.
67) I worked for the teacher’s union which was very political; they used the staff and staff’s family for such things.
68) I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.
69) I want to sit at an outside café and look up at the Eifel Tower.
70) My husband sort of made this happen for our anniversary.
71) When we lived in Vegas he took me to the Paris Casino Eifel Tower and we had dinner at the outside café.
72) That was one of the most romantic things he’s ever done.
73) Before we were married he sent me a dozen roses every week for two months.
74) I like to collect lighthouses.
75) We hiked two little mountains to see two lighthouses when we lived in Hawaii.
76) About 6 years ago I broke my wrist while rollerblading.
77) I ended up having to have two screws and a plate put in to hold the bones together.
78) I have a horrible scar from the surgery.
79) I haven’t rollerbladed since.
80) I have broken a total of 7 bones.
81) I can’t walk on the floor bare footed.
82) I’m obsessed with getting dirt on my feet, this just started last summer.
83) I have to sweep every day.
84) I love to watch SEC college football.
85) I love to watch Nascar races.
86) My favorite driver is Tony Stewart.
87) I have been watching races for about 3 years.
88) I miss my paternal grandmother; she died almost 7 years ago.
89) Sometimes I feel like she is still with me.
90) She was a big part of my life growing up and in adulthood.
91) My mom and I could talk on the phone for two hours everyday.
92) My dad doesn’t really like talking on the phone.
93) I’m addicted to my email, internet, and cell phone.
94) I’m so glad I started my blog.
95) I have met such great people through my blog.
96) My favorite music group is Bon Jovi.
97) I would love to see the Eagles, but I have to see them with Sandy.
98) My favorite shoes are flip flops or sandals.
99) I love getting massages and facials.
100)I can’t believe I did all 100!


rpm said...

I LOVE IT!!! I can't walk on the floor barefooted either. We must go see the Eagles if they ever come back around. I didn't know you were in a commercial! I didn't know you can't stand perfume! That was so fun to read.

Joe Viljoen said...
See my blog if you like lighthouses

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Wow..Thats a great list, I love learning new things about my blog friends.....we have so many things in many!
I saw Bon Jovi back in 1989!

alfredsmom said...

Yeah! You did a list!! They are always fun to read and learn new things. That's funny to me that your mom was the same age when she had both you and your brother!

Magnolia Sun said...

My mom's birthday is in between mine and my brothers.

girlville said...

that was a great list! i really enjoyed reading it.