Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello blog

Not much going on in my world. Thankfully my parents are doing good. My mom is getting stronger every day, my dad is about the same. 

We had some exciting news in December, Cole moved to Tampa. He took a job with Fox - continuing as a photojournalist. I was so excited for him to get this opportunity to move to a new, exciting, and big city. He's finally settling into his new place. The only bad thing is it takes 6-7 hours to see him instead of the 2-3 hours I've been use to. Shane is still doing really well in school. I know he will be glad to be finished.

I'm still loving Thirty One and so excited to be able to go to the National Conference in Atlanta in July. I'm trying to earn points (parties, recruiting) to help fund my trip. I really enjoy being part of a group and hope one day I can have my own group of women!

Until next time...


Sandy said...

I am so glad your parents are doing well. You must be driving that FAST car to Tampa...cause I could never make it that quick to Tampa...but I'm so happy for Cole getting a great job in a bigger city. I sure do like the Thirty-One products I've bought so far.

kristie said...

I'm glad to hear that your parents are doing well!