Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching up, a lot of catching up!

So much has happened since my last post in December. I'll start with my mama. She was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer the week before Christmas. I can't imagine what she was feeling because I was so stunned and terrified. This can't be happening to my mom, my best friend. We were so fortunate that they found the cancer so early, in most cases when diagnosed it is very advanced. The reason they found it early was because she had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2008 and had been getting PET scans since. Her option was chemo and radiation. She started chemo the very next week and had to have four rounds and 32 radiation treatments. She did really good through everything except on the last round, she ended up getting shingles and radiation pneumonia. She is much better today. After we received the wonderful news that she is in remission I felt like I could breathe again, I can only imagine how she must have felt. Because of the type of cancer she has the risk of it returning is great and it usually comes back in the brain. So she will be having 17 low dose radiation treatments soon probably starting within the next two weeks. By having the low dose radiation it reduces the risk by 60% so it is a must that she has it. All I can say is the power of prayer works!

Cole had knee surgery back in September and ended up being out of work for six months, thank goodness he has a good employer that worked with him during that time and he is back at work now. He also went back to school during his time off and finished a program he had worked on for some time, so proud of him for completing it.

Shane has just finished is first year of college. I don't know where the time goes, seems like he was just graduating high school. He is going to continue going to school through the summer, hopefully he doesn't get burnt out.

Everything else seems to be going normal. Billy doubled the size of our back deck and it is wonderful, I'm going to post some pics of the deck and my flowers tomorrow.

I want to get back in the groove of posting on my blog. I feel like I'm repeating myself because of facebook and twitter but I do enjoy the blog post better than status updates. I also have to remember even if no one reads my blog it's a way for me to keep track of my life.


Sandy said...

I am so thankful, too, that your mom is in remission. I'm still praying for you all. That is so scary. You have a wonderful family. And it is a blessing for all that they put their faith in the Lord. I agree with the blog posting. It's a great way to keep a record of what you're doing over time. I don't get as many comments on mine either, but that's okay. I do enjoy going back and reading it for myself.

Emily said...

So happy to hear your mom is in remission!! That is wonderful news! God is good!!!

Glad your back.. I always enjoy reading your blog.