Saturday, November 12, 2011

Surgery date

I'm having surgery on my elbow on November 23 (my choice). I'd rather be miserable on Thanksgiving than Christmas! The surgeon couldn't believe I didn't injure my elbow in a fall or something. I have thought that maybe while walking Laila and there have been many times she would see a rabbit and try to take off after it that my arm was jerked but who knows. Since the last steroid injection I got on this elbow felt different he said that could have been part of the problem but not to the extent my elbow is in, the bone is even chipped. So strange but makes sense why I have so much pain.

He's not sure how he will treat it until he opens it up to see the extent of the damage. I'll go in for outpatient surgery and be in a splint or cast for two weeks. After that time I will be in a brace which I got yesterday and have been wearing it to help stabilize my elbow. I will have to be in the brace for another 4 weeks, I won't be able to use my arm at all which is going to suck so bad. I had thought I'd be able to go back to work after the two weeks but since I can't use my fingers to type not sure what I'd do, our office usually closes the week before and after Christmas so it would only be 3 weeks of work time I'd miss. After that time I will start intensive physical therapy. I'm trying to get my mind set for this long process but it's hard to do when I can still use my arm. The doctor said the complete healing process will take 6 months.

On the positve side I'll get a really long vacation and it will be during the holidays. I'm trying to get a jump on my holiday shopping so I can actually wrap the gifts.


Sandy said...

I know you'll be glad to have it behind you and feel better. And a long vacation at holiday time is the best time! You can watch old Christmas movies. I'm going to come visit you for our annual Christmastime visit and I'll bring lunch! I always enjoy coming to your house and seeing your tree and decorations.

kristie said...

just think of it as a sabbatical from work and even housework! (although I know that last part would be difficult for you!). You can read lots of books and magazines! and have other people wait on you!

Pam said...

goodness! I sure hope it will bring some relief. As Sandy said, I know you'll be glad to go ahead and get it behind you.
I like Kristie's suggestions too. Maybe you need to get a little ringing bell! ;)

Magnolia Sun said...

Y'all are funny, I have a problem letting other people do stuff for me, I don't think I could ever ring a bell for something even to my husband.

Sandy I'm looking forward to our tradition too.

Kristie I'm going to go crazy not cleaning something especially if I'm home all that time.