Monday, December 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did. I enjoyed spending time with my family. Cole came down on Christmas Eve so we could all wake up together on Christmas morning. Let me back up a few weeks. This year we decided after looking at real trees to get a fake one. Boy did that turn into an all day affair. We started at Lowe's and went to all the stores and ended up back at Lowe's to get the first one we saw. I really love the tree this picture doesn't do it justice and it's a pre lit one which was wonderful for me since I'm the one that does the lights.
My crafting room turned into gift wrapping central, I had to hide some presents before and after I wrapped them.
Christmas morning, Cole opening and being totally surprised and happy by his gift.
Shane opening and being really happy, not really surprised about his gift.
The cover for the Kindle husband got me.
The Kindle, I love this thing.
A surprise gift.
A really big surprised gift, husband saw me looking at this purse when we were at the Coach Outlet a few weeks ago. I love it, can you tell I like red.
We had a really good weekend, I'm so fortunate to be blessed by such a wonderful family.


Sandy said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas. Love the leather Coach in red. Those were some big gifts for the guys. Tell Shane I like those pajama pants!

Pam said...

Yay for Kindle. I still haven't broken down and gotten one yet.

That purse is really pretty. I love red too.