Wednesday, October 6, 2010


More fall decorations. Yesterday Shane and I went to pick out pumpkins, actually he drove me since I can't drive yet and carried the pumpkins for me. Last year on Halloween someone stole my pumpkins I really hope these last until Thanksgiving.
I still can't believe how well this plant is doing, I have to trim it a couple of times a month. The leaves are suppose to change with the season too, I guess it hasn't gotten cool enough.
My inside pumpkin.


Sandy said...

It's looking like fall over there. I love this weather. I really enjoyed visiting you the other day!

Pam said...

Your inside pumpkin is just darling!
How rotten for someone to steal your pumpkins though.

Kat said...

I LOVE fall decorations! Beautiful! That plant in the Jack Daniels barrel is awesome! So pretty.

I hope your pumpkins don't get smashed. That happen to us at our old house and it made me SO MAD. My boys were devastated. Stinking people. Why do that? Grrrr. The neighborhood we live in now I'm pretty sure that won't happen. No one even really knows this street is here. We'll see. ;)