Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me being crafty

I just ordered these candle holders from Partylite (remember I'm a consultant) I had no idea they were so big but I love them. They had different decorating ideas in the catalog but I thought of these all by myself! I need to trim the edges on the sticks in the middle holder to make it smoother. The top piece comes off so they can be used as a vase and of course changing the insides according to the different seasons.
I saw this in a magazine the other day and thought it was cute, something to dress up a pumpkin. I got a few small ones and put them around the house. I didn't realize how much I liked decorating for fall.
We have had some really nice weather so I guess that's what got me in the mood to decorate.


Kat said...

I LOVE decorating for fall. It is my absolute favorite!
Great job! I love the candles. :)

Sandy said...

It's looking very festive! I can imagine those candle holders full of candy corn.