Sunday, August 8, 2010


When we were at the beach yesterday I started thinking about some ways to decorate my blue room, I had ordered several signs from Kristie to put in my room and the one above my closet really needed something else to go with it. After we left the beach we went into one of the beach shops and saw these starfish and thought it would be cute above the closet doors. Now I just have one problem there aren't any hooks or holes on the back to attach to a nail. My first thought was to put the nail in the wall then use super glue to attach the starfish to the nail. Husband doesn't think this will work so I'm trying to figure out other ways this may work because I really want to put the starfish on the wall. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
See what I mean, it just needs something else and I really think the starfish will be cute.

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Sandy said...

that's a cute idea. I think the same have to use some kind of glue or adhesive to get the star fish to stick to the nail.