Sunday, July 25, 2010

No beach weekend!

I accomplished everything on my to do list except the one thing I really wanted to do which was go to the beach. Because of the tropical depression the weather just didn't cooperate. On the positive side I did get a lot of things accomplished at home. I cleaned out a lot of junk I had been putting off, at least it was productive.

Shane's pictures turned out really good, now to decided which ones I want. I can't believe how much senior pictures are, they've gone up since Cole graduated 5 years ago. You gotta get them though they are only high school seniors once.

Take a look at my plants, if you scroll down a few days you can see how much they've grown. I had no idea they would get so full and tall in such a short time. I guess my potting soil selection was a good one! I've been measuring how tall it's getting from the window, when they were planted it was well below the bar in the middle of the window.

Now that I've started blogging again I wish everyone else was too. Oh well maybe everyone will come back like I did until then I'll keep it going pretending tons of people are reading!!


Sandy said...

The plant looks happy. I wondered if you had gotten to the beach. Boy was it hot today. It does seem like lots of bloggers are not blogging but I was wondering if they were doing the facebook instead??

Punchbugpug said...

Nice to see you blogging! The plant looks great!

♥Mrs.V said...

I love the barrel!! I need something like that on my porch.