Friday, July 9, 2010

The last of the vacation pics

When we left Myrtle Beach we were going straight to the Jack Daniels Plant. We stopped in Chattanooga for the night and started looking at some brochures in the hotel and saw the Zip Stream at Ruby Falls. We had already decided to go to Lookout Mountain and after looking at the Zip Stream we couldn't resist. I was extremely proud of myself. My usual outdoor stuff includes laying by a pool or going to the beach. I can't believe how much fun and challenging this was. We are definitely ready to go try another one. Just for the record my balancing skills are way better than husband or Shane's! This a before we started, also on this day it was probably 95 degrees and with the harnesses and hat on it was extremely hot.
Husband coming out of one of the obstacles, a guy was taking all the pics while we were going through the two obstacles courses, I didn't see him taking pics.
Shane coming down the final zip line.
Me coming down, I felt like a kid and wanted to keep doing this part over and over.
Next we went to Lookout Mountain and rode the train up, this is looking out of the train.
On top of the mountain.
Finally we make it to Jack Daniels, this is all in the same sweaty day!

I got one of the half barrels you see in this picture with flowers in it. Once I get my filled I'll take a picture of it. It is going on the front porch.
The three ingredients in the whiskey
Shane and Jack.
This is the stream they use to make the whiskey, that day was so hot and this area was so cool, the water is 55 degrees. I think everyone on the tour wanted to jump in it.
We had so much fun on our vacation and were so fortunate to be able to do everything we did.


Sandy said...

Oh, I love it! Those are great pictures of you all. Looks like so much fun. I'm so glad y'all had such a good vacation.

Becky said...

My daughter would love that zip line. Not me though. What a fun time you guys had. What no whiskey??? Just a barrel! I have wanted an old oak barrel on my back patio for some time now. Hard to find around here though, maybe a feed store.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!