Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Beach

We had another great weekend at the beach. Today was much better than yesterday - too many rain showers on Saturday. The area we go where husband and Shane can fish doesn't have any tar balls and we didn't see any oil. It was so many media trucks on the main beach and a reporter even came down where we were asking questions and taking pictures. Last week tar balls started washing up on our beach, it's so sad to think our beautiful white sand beaches will be dirty. I hate to think about all the fish and birds that have already been covered in oil. It was so many people on the beach today, I guess everyone is like us, trying to enjoy every second we can.

We are going on vacation next week, I'm so excited to go somewhere and do something different. We are planning on going to North and South Carolina and Tennessee. We have some specific things we are planning to do and see and rest of the time no plans just see where we end up. A must before we get home is a trip to Trader Joe's. I'm lucky to have Sandy around because she is watching Jazz for us. Leila will be going to a kennel, she is way too wild for Sandy's house.


Sandy said...

I am just sick about what's happening to the Gulf Coast. It's so sad that if I ever start to cry I might not stop! My neighbors went out today and they had to wash the junk off their water shoes when they got home. BIL didn't see anything down at Navarre Beach today...but I saw on the news where they have seen some. We just sent Gerta the beagle home today and look forward to Jazzy getting's a busy dog-sitting time here! My computer got a nasty virus and I spent half of today trying to get it fixed. You are so lucky to get to go to Trader Joe's soon!

Keri said...

Hope you have a great time on your vacation!

I cant imagine what life must be like right now in the gulf. My heart just aches for all the people who are going to lose their livelihoods (fishermen, etc) and the animals...ugh. What a mess.