Sunday, May 23, 2010


Husband gave me two hanging baskets for Mother's Day, I filled them with these flowers, no idea what they are but they are doing really good so far. I think I do better with pots versus planting them in the ground. Time will tell, I really enjoy taking care of them every afternoon and watching the progress.
The other day he brought me this little iron tricycle, I love it I think it is so cute. I put this little plant in it, it doesn't look so hot right now but hopefully it's because I just replanted it.

Enjoy the day, we are planning on going to the beach in a little while. I hope the oil somehow misses are beautiful beach.


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kristie said...

i have no luck with hanging baskets cause i forget to water them, lol! i so hope the oil doesn't get to your beach. i'm boycotting BP for eternity.