Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Friday

Today was the last day of spring break for this area and you could tell it at the beach, lots of people. It was a nice day, still a little too windy for me but nice to be outside. I went by myself cause husband was working and Shane wasn't in the mood today (he went fishing yesterday so that was enough for him). This pic is from the top of the bridge coming onto the island.
This is a pic of leaving, lots of cars waiting to go through the toll to get to the beach.
Sandy is only a few minutes from her so I stopped by to catch up with her and see her house renovations.
After I left her house I stopped by our favorite pizza place, mellow mushroom - the pizzas are so good, love the crust. The is our usual chicken, mushroom, and tomatoes.


Sandy said...

Oh, that looks yummy. I really enjoyed visiting today!

Pam said...

yum..that looks so good. I've not have mellow mushroom pizza in so long!

chalica pack said...

oooh I LOOOVE Mellow Mushroom. We had one when we live in Columbia, SC and it was so so good.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

looks so good! The pictures make me jealous

Anonymous said...


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