Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A fast 24 hours

Husband came into town last night around 10:00 and left this afternoon at 6:00 talk about a fast trip! He had to come to go to a VA appointment, he is finally getting the appointments we've been waiting for since last March. He has three more appointments next week so he will be back on Saturday. I'm hoping after the last appointment it won't take them as long to find out his disability rating. He's getting use to working again but isn't completely sure he likes his job so I think it's really a blessing that we are waiting on all the VA paperwork to be completed before we buy a house.

In other news Cole was in a car accident at work today, thank goodness he or the reporter with him wasn't hurt. He was stopped at a red light and the car behind apparently didn't notice a red light or a news truck stopped because it ran right into them. Because they were at work and in a company vehicle they had to go to the ER and were completed checked out - only a little whip lash.

I hope everyone is having as beautiful weather as we've been having - simply gorgeous.


girlville said...

oh, glad cole wasn't hurt! how scary is that.

our weather is cooler. but i'm liking it.

Emily said...

Glad Cole wasn't hurt! How scary!

I wish our weather was just a little cooler... its getting there, slowly!

Sandy said...

I'm glad Cole's okay.

Pam said...

So glad he wasn't hurt! It's really turned cooler here. while my sinuses might not agree, I'm really liking taht it finally feels like fall.

Page said...

I'm so glad Cole wasn't hurt! I was in an accident just like that several years ago...makes me wish people would pay attention!! I am LOVING this cooler weather. Finally!

♥B said...

Wow! I am glad Cole wasn't hurt.