Friday, August 8, 2008

Random thoughts

* Husband and I met at the beach after work today to say goodbye to my cousins then walked around at the boardwalk - I don't know why we don't do that more often.

* I'm watching the Olympics and can't wait for the diving to start.

* Husband got his official start day for work - Sept 29. He's excited he gets a few more weeks off.

* I plan to go to the beach this weekend - I know something different!

* I need to get some school shopping done this weekend - can't believe school will start in another week.

* The dogs really need a bath, they are sitting beside me and they aren't smelling too good.

*I'm obsessed with looking at houses on line - one of the houses I've been keeping my eye on has dropped $25,000 this month.


rpm said...

I wonder that same thing about going out to the beach...why don't I do it more often...but now too hot for me. I'm watching the opening for the Olympics right now and it's really a show they are putting on!

Mrs. L said...

My Heavens, $25,000 in one month? Thats crazy... I hope your find what your looking for and need. Congrats on Hubby getting a little more time off.

Does your job know yet that your moving?

Pam said...

I watched he opening ceremonies last night. WOW, I loved how they did the lighting of the torch. Very cool. I like watching the gymnastics.

AM said...

when are yall going to go look at houses? Will your son start school in the new city?