Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend review

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday the Blues were suppose to perform at the beach and I had decided to stay as far away from the beach as possible, so while husband and Shane went fishing with some friends I went over to in-laws to lay out at their pool. I had a good hour and half before the bottom dropped out of the sky and it stormed for hours. Apparently it also stormed on the beach and the Blues show was cancelled. Saturday night we were invited to a shrimp boil - that's my kind of invitation! We had a good time visiting with family and of course eating some good food. I wish I would have taken pictures of one of the desserts - the girl made up the recipe and it involved brownies, chocolate pudding, fudge and carmel sauce and whip cream - one word YUM!

Sunday I had planned to go to the beach (now that I'm a working girl I gotta go when I get the chance). I wasn't sure if they had rescheduled the Blues show for Sunday so I got up early and at the beach by 10:00 (husband and Shane decided to go fishing again). I really lucked out because it was zero traffic going and I was able to find a place to park. These pictures aren't very good, I really wish I would have taken husbands camera.
When these plans flew over the pier they looked so close I thought they were going to hit it. You can see in this picture but it was a guy standing on the pier taking pictures of the plans - very brave person.


Leah said...

Mmmmmmm, that dessert sounds SO good! Anything with brownies AND caramel is right up my alley!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

we had a little rain on Sunday....you must of sent it up to us to cool us off a bit! Shrimp Boil sounds good! as does that dessert! sounds like you enjoyed yourself~

Pam said...

oh that dessert sounds so yummy! It rained here all morning Sunday. We are down for our rain total right now so it was welcomed.
Great pic on the planes!

rpm said...

Wow, you made it out there Sunday! I wondered if the crowd was a big as Saturday but I did not watch the news Sunday to see. I'm glad it turned out to be pretty for the air show on Sunday but what a thunderstorm afterwards! That was downright scary with all the lightening!

Mrs. L said...

Sounds like a very relaxing weekend. I love shrimp and that dessert sounds SO good!

Those planes were very close, I can't believe how low they fly sometimes. Great pictures!

girlville said...

that dessert sounds SO good. we actually had no rain last weekend but it had rained for the entire week prior.