Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Saturday we were at the ballpark - Shane's team won so they only had to play one game on Saturday. Since we were having to travel to a different ballpark and city the two hour game takes up about 5 hours of our time. Thank goodness we've had such nice weather so it's enjoyable to be outside.

Also I got my haircut again! I really wanted it to be a little shorter than it was, I was a having a hard time getting it to do what I wanted it to do. When my hair is short I want it to be easy not harder and the more I can do with just my hands the better. Anyway I called Jackie back and she cut it a little more and I'm so much happier with it. Since we were all together everyone go their hair cut.

Sunday we were back at the ballpark and we won again. The boys are playing so good and I have to say Shane has had some really good hits the past couple of games.

Yesterday we were back at the ballpark - I know what a surprise. They lost this game, the tournament is double elimination so we are back tonight, if they lose tonight they are out of it. If they win we go back tomorrow night for the final game. Not sure if I want them to win or not! It wouldn't be so bad if they were playing local but with gas at $3.75 and a round trip of 90 miles this is adding up quick.

Not much else has been going, hopefully tomorrow we will get back to our beach/fishing routine.


Mrs. L said...

Gas is ridiculous! Its almost $3.75 here.... its $3.69 as of last night where I live.

Glad you had a great weekend out and about. That sure does beat a sunny day at work.

Page said...

Gas is crazy right now...it's $3.77 here right now and I hear it'll be around $4.00 by the end of summer. It does really add up when traveling long distances! Oh, and I want to see a pic of your latest haircut!

mSjEnA said...

wow gas is CRAZY.. I hope you guys win but I totally understand about the cost being an issue..

Pam said...

That's a lot of traveling. I can understand your delima there with gas prices the way they are. It sounds like a good time out and about though!

Swampgirl said...

Baseball season ended around here with the State Championship in Montgomery Saturday. Sadly our team lost in the last game. Son#3 has been friends with these guys since Kindergarden and most of them are seniors. He doesn't play baseball but attends every game. They even let him leave National Guard drill early so he could make it to the game. We were ahead by 4 runs until the last inning :( PS Those red dishes like your Grandmother's were my Grandmother's! I have added to them over the years with the modern version (microwave safe!) but I love hers the best!